5 Ridiculous Myths About Housewives (Even Ones Without Kids!)

5 Myths About Housewives (Even Ones Without Kids) Feature Image

I’ve heard of many myths about housewives.

In my time as a stay-at-home wife I’ve been lucky. I haven’t received much flack about being at home – especially surprising since I don’t have children.  Most people with opportunity to pass judgement know exactly how much I give to our household. Or they know well enough to keep their opinion to themselves.

…I just don’t know what to do with myself all day…

But for some reason, I still feel guilty from time to time – like I don’t do enough. There’s some stigma attached to it, even as my dear husband assures me I do plenty. I have to remind myself that what I give has value. It doesn’t matter what others might think as long as it works for me and my family.

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Lets take a look at 5 common myths about housewives:

1. I bet she is so bored!

5 Myths About Housewives (Even Ones Without Kids) Must be Bored

Nope! Many women have tons to do besides housework (which is enough half the time)! Some women also run their own businesses from home, some keep blogs, some do volunteer work in their communities. Even women WITH kids in the home do all these things. Boredom is almost impossible, and definitely impossible to stay bored for very long. Especially with cool cookbooks like this to keep us busy: Deceptive Desserts : A Lady’s Guide to Baking Bad!

Bored? Nah.. we need a nap!

As for me, I’ve been at home for most of the last 5 years. I can tell you that I’ve spent very little of that time bored. I’ve run Etsy shops, websites, and my house and enjoyed almost every minute of it.

One good thing about being at home is that you can rock out to your totally cool 90’s grunge music playlist while you Swiffer sweep a cubic ton of pet hair for the 3rd time this week. Who could be bored head banging to Smells Like Teen Spirit in between pushes of the dust broom?

2. Surely she has children.

Bzzt, wrong! You can still be a housewife without having children. If it works for you and your spouse, do whatever! Don’t be a gigantic jerk and judge her. You don’t know her story, you don’t know her health, you don’t know her circumstance or her reasons. If you do and you still choose to judge her, then you are part of the problem. Not her!

Just a note: it also doesn’t mean women without kids in the home don’t want kids in the home, it just means it’s none of your damn business.

3. She’s just lazy.

Not true at all. Even being home all day I stay so busy. I usually feel like I don’t have enough hours in the day. I know I’m not the only one staying busy. And besides that, half of the time I spend so busy during the day I spend building an at-home business (empire). I want to supplement our income a bit (lifestyles of the rich and famous). That would allow us to do all the things we want to do in our first home (fixing it up so we can try again).


4. Her house must be immaculate.

*Maniacal laughter* You must be crazy! Keeping up with the pet hair tumbleweed alone means it is NEVER immaculate. That shit could be a full-time job. My home is lived-in. Sometimes it’s messy. Sometimes I forget that I am shorter in stature than most people. I forget that I can’t easily see things up high. Like the top half of kitchen appliances, for instance. Tall people, like my father-in-law, probably notice all that unchecked dust up there immediately. Other times I clean all day and it still looks gross. Thanks previous owner for being a dumpster-diving, junk-yard trolling, cheap skate wolf in sheep’s clothing (but that’s another blog post…)!

If you expect any housewife to have her home immaculate all the time, you have no idea what it’s like being a housewife.


5. She couldn’t make it on her own.

Well this is the silliest of them all. I have made it on my own, and I’m willing to bet many other housewives have made it on their own at some point, too. I feel incredibly lucky that I met a man who is willing and able to take care of our household bills with his own salary so I can spend my time making our home better and cultivating my varied talents. If for some reason I found myself needing to make it on my own again, while it would be difficult to get back into that way of life, I could for sure do it. I wouldn’t want to, but I could. I know most other housewives could, too.

What sort of myths about housewives have you heard people say? How did that affect you? Let’s chat in the comments!


  1. Lords all mighty. I’ve heard every single one of these- and more- at different points… Even had one person tell me I “wasn’t a real homemaker” without children.

    Me. An infertile woman who (at the time) was clearly struggling with her desire to be a mother and the emotional pain being infertile causes in light of that- and was open about those feelings and struggles! It blows my mind!

    1. Thank-you for reading and commenting, Anna! I think some people have a hard time looking at things from anyone else’s perspective but their own, at times. I’m mostly content to let them think I sit on the couch eating bon-bons and watching the soaps all day, though!

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