5 Things You Might Lose When You Get Married

5 Things You Might Lose When You Get Married - sex 03

There are a lot of pros and cons when you get married – the trick is in mitigating where you take the hits.

Here are 5 things you might lose when you get married.

Don’t worry – they aren’t all bad!

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1. Gifts Become Joint or Couple Gifts

Depending on who gives the gift, this is good or bad.

When your husband’s work buddy is giving the two of you a joint gift – that might not be so good. It’s highly likely the gift will be biased in your husband’s favor. A new set of grill tools TECHNICALLY benefits you both – the package probably even has your name on it, too!

But really?

Your husband will appreciate it the most and get the most use out of it. Except when it comes time to wash them.

On the other hand, a good joint gift experience can mean getting exactly what you ask for – like gift cards to home improvement stores, games you both love to play, or gift certificates to your favorite restaurants.

2. No More Daily (or more!?) Sexual Encounters of Any Kind

Yes, it’s true. They’ve even done studies on it, but the studies haven’t been able to pinpoint WHY people are having less sex. It even states people born in the 1990’s have less sex than people in the same age group born in the 1930’s.

That means your grandparents (maybe even great-grandparents!) had more sex at your age than you do and that’s not right!

This won’t be the case for everyone, obviously, but if it is the case for you and your partner, perhaps scheduling sex days isn’t such a bad idea. I know husband and I get along infinitely better if we keep it regular! Just sayin’.

3. Say Goodbye to Toilet Privacy When You Get Married

5 Things You Lose When You Get Married - TOILET PRIVACY

When I first moved in with my husband (who was just a boyfriend at the time), we shared one bathroom between the two of us AND his brother. This made it pretty much necessary for the two of us to use the bathroom at the same time, otherwise we would’ve all just been sitting around waiting for the bathroom all day.

When we got our first apartment, we had two bathrooms. One was a guest/husband toilet time/pet bathroom, the other was for me and showers only. Somehow there was still very little privacy.

Fast forward to present day and the home we own. Two bathrooms. Still busting in on each other from time to time.

4. All That Cash You Spent on Even the Smallest Sized Wedding

So, when you get married you might lose a lot of moolah.

I will be completely honest about this – as early as THE NIGHT OF OUR WEDDING, we were saying how we could have spent that $10k+ (our wedding had less than 50 people including the wedding party) on so many other amazing things and still be just as married.

Three married years later, we both agree we would regret it if we didn’t have our ceremony and celebration with family, even if it did cost as much as the renovations our first home needs now.

5. When You Get Married, Ratty Furniture Disappears

Well, sort of.

Losing this is a good thing! My husband and I didn’t get to purge ourselves of our old stuff right away – in fact, we still have a bit of it. We are replacing it with nice things as time goes by, though, and I can’t wait to throw out of all the dimpled particle board crap that ruins my life.

What are some things you lost when you got married? Let’s chat in the comments!

5 Things You Lose When You Get Married - sex 01-13-19

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