I bet in reality you’re just a mediocre housewife.

Maybe you have kids, or maybe you’re childless staying at home (like me). Maybe you haven’t been married half your life and you can’t seem to settle into a routine (also me).

You probably feel guilty about that.

Maybe you feel like your housewife skills are okay, but you’re a crappy wife compared to *whoever in your life that is probably just faking it really well*.

Someone, at some point, has made you feel like you aren’t enough, even though most days you are exhausted and go to bed with so many things left to do and so many things on your mind. You stay busy and what you do is important to your home, your family, and to you. 

We all fall short of someone else’s arbitrary measure of skill or success. As long as we do exactly what we want and what is best for us, we’ve done it perfectly.

Not everyone is Pinterest-perfect. Who has time for that sh*t, anyway??About

Being a housewife doesn’t make you lazy, or unimportant, or old-fashioned. You don’t have to be religious to enjoy being a homemaker. And running a childless home doesn’t make your day any less important than anyone else’s day. This setup works for us.

If your setup works for you, defend it vehemently.

At Mediocre Housewife I promise to (irreverently, at times) always inspire and motivate you to honor that in every way.

I’m a mediocre housewife. I am a childless stay-at-home-wife, but I have a job.

In my time of being a married woman and becoming a homemaker, I’ve come to love my job. My job is to make our house a home, to develop myself in whatever areas I see fit to explore, and to take care of our family to the best of my ability.

Sometimes my ability is better than other times. Sometimes I’m just downright mediocre.

But you know what? That’s okay, and I know I’m not alone.

About me:

I’m a mediocre housewife.

My name is Shanna (it rhymes with iguana). I’m married to a mediocre homeowner and we have a dog and two cats. We live in South Carolina where we both work from home and dream about our next trip to the Outer Banks. It’s magical there.